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Hybrid Baby Leaf Seed

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  Resistance Description
Lucy *NEW*   Deep green/blond
Elisa *NEW* Intermediate- fusarium Deep green/blond
Alexandra *NEW*   Bright green/blonde
Rapid *NEW*   Bright green
Giorgia *NEW*   Ruby Red
Excellent *NEW*   Deep Red
Marsala Red Lollo *NEW*   Red
Blond Lollo *NEW*   Bright green/blonde
Smeraldo Green Oakleaf *NEW*   Bright Green
Red Oakleaf *NEW*   Deep Red
Blond smooth baby lettuce *NEW*   Deep Blonde
Red smooth baby lettuce *NEW*   Deep Red
LR 1202 (Fama)   Salad Bowl type
Baby Leaf
Dense Red
LR 1203 (Forte)   Oakleaf type
Very Dark Red
LR1204 (Fides)   Lollo Rosa type
Dark Red
LG 1101 (Elita)   Green tango type
Serrated & frilled
Red Cos - IRMA   Red Cos
Red Cos GILDA    
Red Round Leaf *NEW*   Medium green with red shades
Crespa *NEW*   Bright green
Blond Grumolo *NEW*   Bright blond
Dark Green Grumolo *NEW*   Dark green
Blond Cicorino *NEW*   Deep blond
Green Cicorino *NEW*   Medium green
Perseo (unpelleted seed)   +- 400g head
+- 68 days
Sirio (raw seed)    
Corn Salad
Vit, Valentin, Elan    
Swiss Chard
SCO 102   Orange Stem
SCW 105  (Fordhoek Giant)    
SCR 106  (Red Rhubarb)   Red Stem
Baby Swiss Chard (Bieta F1)    
Bulls Blood (Beta)
BB 202    
European Spinach
CR7 F1    
SP2913/Freija F1   Tsw :7.53g
Imperial F1    
Suba Red    

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New varieties
HOL 12074 New
 Dark green plant with high quality fruit. Good setting under hot conditions and long days.
Uniform average lenght 30cm
HOL 12083 New
 Good setting on short days. 
Uniform average lenght 31cm.
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Hybrid Vegetable Seed Header Image

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