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Biofumigation is defined as the use of biologically active plant substances to control soil-borne pests and diseases in agriculture and horticulture. Soil-borne diseases are on the rise.  Since chemical pesticides are being increasingly regulated, biofumigation is becoming more important as a part of integrated pest management.

The technique is useful for:

  • Suppressing certain soil-borne pathogens
  • Bringing more flexibility to crop rotation
  • Harnessing the positive effect of catch crops
  • Organic farming
  • Greenhouse cultivation


Proven advantages of catch crop cultivation are promotion of the soil's water-retention capacity, structure and aeration. By additionally applying the biofumigation technique, you can introduce plant substances into the soil, where they help to combat soil-borne diseases.

Cruciferous plants contain glucosinolates, which is at its highest concentration when the plant is flowering. When the plants are finely chopped (chaffed) and worked into the soil, the glucosinolates are converted enzymatically into isothiocyanates, the actual active ingredients. These target the active stages of pests such as fungal mycelia, mobile nematodes or germinated weeds.

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Melotop is a Multiresistant (BCN Resistance Level 2) Oil seed radish.


  • Using MELOTOP for biofumigation strengthens the effects on Pratylenchus, Rhizoctonia and Botrytis. Up to 90% reduction of Beet Cyst Nematodes officially tested and approved with resistance level 2 Reduction of Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne chitwoodi).
  • Good covering of the soil in combination with weed suppression
  • Very deep and intensive rooting system
  • Late flowering in combination with long lasting vegetation
  • Effective protection against erosion
  • Supports soil fertility
  • Increases organic matter levels
  • Relieve soil compaction
  • Improves soil tilth
  • Enhances water infiltration
  • Conservation of nutrients
  • Pythium, Club Root, Root Knot, Corky Ring Spot, Root Lession

Click here to download a full brochure and Growers Guide for MELOTOP (PDF - 1,61Mb).


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New varieties
HOL 12074 New
 Dark green plant with high quality fruit. Good setting under hot conditions and long days.
Uniform average lenght 30cm
HOL 12083 New
 Good setting on short days. 
Uniform average lenght 31cm.
Download the full brochure- CUCUMBERS new
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